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WOD: Managing Subcontracts 170019 11.02.2010
by Noah F. Leiden and Derek Boyd
Author / Presenter:Noah F. Leiden and Derek Boyd
Date published:Nov 02, 2010
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The term "subcontract management" has gained much notoriety in recent years and was recently the subject of intense inquiry by the Commission on Wartime Contracting. But what does this term mean - is it the same as subcontract administration? If not, what are the key distinctions and differences between the activities of each? Perhaps most importantly, why now is subcontract management getting so much government oversight scrutiny?

Learn about:
-Procurement personnel vs. project/program personnel roles and responsibilities;
-The subcontract life-cycle, broken into distinct phases and critical compliance/management requirements; and
-Helpful tools that facilitate internal communications and set clear expectations regarding oversight of your Company's subcontractors

Noah F. Leiden, Director, Baker Tilly
Derek Boyd, Director, Bakert Tilly

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