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CSOD: WC13 - Contracts vs. Assistance: A Competitive Comparison of It's Differences as Used in the International Arena - E13
by Mohib Ahmed and Rodney Matsushima, Fellow
Author / Presenter:Mohib Ahmed and Rodney Matsushima, Fellow
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Prior to the passage of the Federal Grant and cooperative Agreement Act of 1977, federal agencies were often using grants and procurement contracts interchangeable and without consistency in considering the type of relationship being established. Through the act, Congress defines the appropriate situations for the use of each instrument. The contracting/agreement officer is responsible for determination and selection of the appropriate instrument in each circumstance. Because their purposes differ, acquisition and assistance instruments have different requirements and consequences. Knowing and applying those differences is pivotal to an contracting/agreement officer’s success. The presenters will conduct an interactive session that will expose attendees to the differences between assistance and acquisition as it relates to USAID requirements. All phases of the acquisition/assistance lifecycle will be compared and the differences highlighted/discussed. Furthermore, these principles can be applied to other agencies that have dual authorities as well.

Difficulty Level: Basic

Mohib Ahmed
Roney Matsushima, Fellow
Recorded at World Congress 2013

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