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WOD: Export Controls 170037 8.16.2011
by Susan M.C. Kovarovics
Author / Presenter:Susan M.C. Kovarovics
Date published:Jun 16, 2011
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This webinar will cover key export control considerations for parties working under US government contracts. As a contractor to the US government, you still need to ensure compliance with US export controls. This program will provide an overview of the two main sets of US export controls: the Export Administration Regulations and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. It will also identify some common misconceptions and potential concerns regarding export controls that arise under government contracts. Finally, the webinar will highlight some recent developments in the US government's effort to reform its export controls and how those reform efforts may impact your business activities.

-Overview of US export controls
What is subject to controls?
Determining which agency has jurisdiction?
Deemed exports and technology transfers
-Overlap with government contracts
Can a COTS or Commercial item still be subject to the ITAR
Export control compliance flow down requirements
What to do when the US DoD or other US government agency tells you to export
Why it matters who is in the room in addition to your US government customer if you are sharing technical information
-Recent developments in export control reform efforts

Susan Kovarovics, Bryan Cave, LLC

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