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WOD: FAR/DFARs Updates 170074 03.07.2013
by Joyce Tong Oelrich and William Weisberg
Author / Presenter:Joyce Tong Oelrich and William Weisberg
Date published:Mar 07, 2013
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Among the changes discussed will be:
- Changes to various set-aside programs, particularly those involving Women-owned Businessess;
- New changes to the definition of "contingency operations," with a corresponding change to the scorpe of the aplicable regulations;
- Modifications to the rules involving protests of task and delivery order contracts, which is particularly important given the continued growth in the use of those types of contracts;
- New rules regarding how a contractor can comment and challenge a negative past performance report;
- Executive compensation rules that tie allowable costs to, in some cases, government salaries; and,
- New changes to the conflick-of-interest regulations.

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