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CSOD: WC12 - Drafting and Negotiating a Cost-Effective ADR Clause for Commercial and International Contracts in 2012! - B06
by Charles Rumbaugh, CPCM, Fellow and Sandra Partridge
Author / Presenter:Charles Rumbaugh, CPCM, Fellow and Sandra Partridge
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One crucial ingredient in any successful prime/sub or lower-tier business relationship is a methodology for addressing the post-negotiation and award/performance of contracts in the resolution of conflicts, disagreements, or disputes. This interactive session led by two seasoned alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals will focus on the cost-effective use of ADR techniques in the resolution of disputes with an emphasis on the considerations in drafting an effective arbitration clause by the Contracts/Subcontracts transaction professional. An arbitration clause "checklist" on the many facets that could be considered for incorporation into contracts will be provided.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Charles Rumbaugh, CPCM, Fellow, Rumbaugh ADR Offices
Sandra Partridge, American Arbitration Association

Recorded at World Congress 2012

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