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WOD: Government Contract Audits: A Strategic Approach for Successful Outcomes 170018 10.19.2010
by Brent Calhoon and Katrina Karaan
Author / Presenter:Brent Calhoon and Katrina Karaan
Date published:Oct 19, 2010
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Government contract audits have become increasingly more challenging and contentious for all involved. While there is no easy solution to these current challenges, there are many important actions that each party can and should take at each step of the audit process to define audit needs and expectations, facilitate the audit process, and improve the quality of audit results. This presentation explores what a "successful audit outcome" means from different points of view and lays out the paths each party must take to achieve it.

-Understand what a "successful audit outcome" means from differing (and seemingly opposing) points of view;
-Recognize the importance of generally accepted government auditing standards (GAGAS) to all audit stakeholders, including the public at large;
-Understand how the DCAA Contract Audit Manual integrates federal regulations, GAGAS, audit techniques, and the roles of audit stakeholders and,
-Learn the key steps that each party (i.e. CO, auditor, contractor) should take to achieve a successful audit outcome

Brent Calhoon, Partner, Baker Tilly
Katrina Karaan, Baker Tilly

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