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CSOD: WC12 - Pooling Resources in an Austere Procurement Enviroment - Teaming Agreements - B04
by Raymond S.E. Pushkar, Esq.
Author / Presenter:Raymond S.E. Pushkar, Esq.
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In an ever-growing budget crunch and a new environment in federal procurement, there has been an increasing interest in and formation of alliances in the industry to pool resources to bid on procurements. Companies who do not individually have the capacity to bid on some programs seek partners in order to obtain the business. This can be accomplished through the use of teaming agreements and joint ventures. These arrangements recognized by the FAR at Subpart 9.6 must be fully understood and the key items considered by the parties contemplating the same. This session will cover the nature of the relationship including possible prime and sub-contracting status, obligations of each party to the other, statements of work, controls over the prospective bid, government approval, possible anti-trust implication, protection of proprietary data exchanged between the parties, the term of such agreements, termination, and remedies if something goes wrong.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Presenter: Raymond Pushkar, Esq., McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP

Recorded at World Congress 2012

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